Your Health: Good Health Starts With You

While we all strive to live according to certain standards, healthy is a common denominator attributed to our lives. Staying healthy it an integral element in our daily activities. An unhealthy body will not function at an optimal capacity this means a drop in the workforce therein affecting the global economy. As such, it suffices to say that health is at the center of a thriving economy.

Meat, fruits, vegetables, and cereals make up the elements of the meals most people eat; each contains certain nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. However, this does not mean that those who abhor the idea of eating meat as enthusiastic people. In fact, fruits, vegetables, and cereals are a source of all the nutrients we need. Yet, it what we consume (more so the quality and quantity) that tends to affect our health. The other negative influences stem from our lifestyle choices.

Where are we going wrong with our health?

The modern day man is too busy to the point of paying little attention to his health only taking not when the body falls ill. Some people know the importance of eating a nutritionally balanced meal but cannot get it right. They will do more of certain nutrients while overlooking others; such is the case with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, and iron among others that the body needs to function.

It is not that we are less knowledgeable; it is just that we have become too complacent with your lifestyle that we are making poor choices. For instance, we prefer food choices that are simple to prepare yet pick the unhealthiest of these. Also, we are easily tempted and give in to our sweet-tooth cravings. Compound our unhealthy food choices with an unhealthy lifestyle such as being too busy to engage in activities such as exercising, and we create a pandemic.

So, before we start pointing fingers about what the society is doing to make us unhealthy, let us start by reassessing ourselves. Making healthy choices is primarily a personal matter.

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